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Build a lifetime bond between you and your dog.

Create a forever home for your pup utilizing the newest science-based methodology, mixed with a little patience and a lot of  love!

Welcome to K9 Solutions Dog Training

We'd like to welcome you to our way of life!  At K9 Solutions, we help create a bond between you and your dog that will establish the relationship you've always wanted with them; utilizing the newest science-based and balanced methods for obedience training, behavior modification and Service Dog training! Show your dog the right way to learn!


Puppy pro to advanced training! We offer Private Training in your home and out in distracted environments to cover all areas of your dog’s life. All modern, science-based education and proper techniques to teach your dog the healthy and fun way to learn! We have over 10 years of experience professionally training dogs and are certified with American Kennel Club.

Our focus is on long-lasting results. We’ve found that our process teaches the dog parent to effectively communicate with their dog and shows them lifelong skills.

Why spend more money sending your dog to board and train programs when the most important aspect of training a dog is actually training ourselves how to effectively communicate with them in every environment?

We invite you to join the K9 Solutions family and see the difference!

“Chris and Magda have truly transformed my dog into the best version of himself I could ever ask for”

Google review - Lily B.

Featured Services

Puppy Starters

Build a foundation for your pup to last a lifetime!

Obedience Training

Teach your dog to listen to you, the very first time!

Behavior Modification

Dogs have quirks just like us! Teach them a better way of life.

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