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K9 Solutions has more than 10 years of professional canine experience. Our professionalism expands from professional dog training to nutrition, wellness, and rescue! Our commitment is to enhance the lives of dogs and their respective parents alike by creating a bond that can never be broken.

Meet our TEAM at K9 Solutions


Chris and Magda Auricchio

Owners/Founders at K9 Solutions

Professional Dog Trainers

Chris is an AKC Certified Professional Dog Trainer that has been training dogs for the last 10 years and has worked with over 5,000 dogs! He started his career by volunteering his time at animal shelters in New York and decided to make it his lifelong mission to create a better bond between dogs and their owners. His focus is on obedience and advanced training techniques such as off-leash and Service Dog Training. 


Magda has been training dogs for the last 4 years with Chris and together they make a perfectly well-rounded team. She started training by working with Service and Therapy dogs. She adds an extremely knowledgeable aspect of dog behavior and calming techniques, while still maintaining all the facets of basic obedience in her work. 



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